Great photos of a great gig!

We asked musician and photographer Martin Delaney to take some photos of out last gig featuring the duo Charlotte Keeffe and Joe Smith Sands, followed by Bill Thompson and then a further duo of Phil Durrant and Mark Sanders, Here are some great shots of the night:

Charlotte Keeffe and Joe Smith Sands

Quick fire interplay between trumpet/flugelhorn and electric guitar – Charlotte and Joe are one of the most exciting duos to emerge on the UK improv scene in recent years.

Bill Thompson

Slowly evolving soundscapes with great attention to detail  –  Bill produced a mesmerising set:

Phil Durrant and Mark Sanders

Phil  and Mark reignited their long standing duo to explore the relationship between #modularsynth and drums:

#MertonCulture #mylocalculture


Launch night: an intimate space for experimental sound

Phil D Phil M 1
Phil Maguire and Phil Durrant

Last night brought free improvisation to Wimbledon and SoundSpace radiated with intimate, warm and haunting music.

The evening started with Phil Durrant and Phil Maguire making music with modular synths and DIY noise instruments. Maguire’s atmospheric rumbling and gurgling met Durrant’s in-between-radio-station frequencies coming from his 0Coast synth. The layers of sound created an envelope of drones and glitches to wrap the audience in a delightful sound world that was enhanced by the warm ambience of Merton Arts Space.

John Edwards at SoundSpace
John Edwards

In the second set, John Edwards fully exploited the wonderful acoustic of the venue, reflecting and expanding the traces of the previous electronic soundscape with his extended techniques. Gently guiding the audience through his unique and personal double bass vocabulary, Edwards brought the space to life. Whispers, clicks, pops, growls and creaks spread out into the room, creating an intimate and exhilarating sound space.

11 march 2017 tutti 3
From left: Richard Sanderson, Sue Lynch, John Edwards, Phil Maguire and Phil Durrant

The second half of the evening started with Sue Lynch and Richard Sanderson on flute and amplified melodeon, creating a finely balanced melodic interplay that affirmed their long standing collaboration. After the delicate exchange of the opening duo, Lynch and Sanderson were joined by Edwards, Durrant and Maguire to create a haunting, laminal blanket of sound, with high pitched flutterings peppered with deep drones and trills. The quintet closed the evening with a final short piece of sustained murmurings, percussive smatterings, poignant peals and ghostly howls. It was fantastic.