Inspirational Improv at Merton Arts Space

Our third SoundSpace event drew some new faces to Merton Arts Space to experience our USP – improvised music with added library books. Once again the acoustic of the space made it really special.

The first set had Phil Julian and John Macedo playing modular synths. The duo explored sine waves and filtered noise with sounds invoking Geiger counter crackles, clicks and pops. 

Phil and John made the most of Merton Arts Space PA, moving their music around and between the four speakers positioned high above the audience, producing accelerating and decelerating patterns of sound.

Trombonist extraordinaire Sarah Gail Brand’s quartet with Steve Beresford (electronics and objects), John Edwards (double bass) and Mark Sanders (drums) brought a veritable improv supergroup to Wimbledon. The musicians’ long experience of playing together created an organic and intricate dialogue that swept up the audience in their magical sound. 

SoundSpace will be taking a summer break for now, but it was an excellent way to end our first run. Thank you to all the musicians and especially the small (but growing!) loyal local audience who have shown us that South West London wants improv. 

In the meantime, the legendary bassist Jah Wobble (also London Libraries Lead Ambassador) will be gracing the stage at Merton Arts Space on July 1st – so see you there!


2 thoughts on “Inspirational Improv at Merton Arts Space

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed all three of the ‘SoundSpace’ events. I am so grateful that the organisers chose Wimbledon for their displays of sonic fireworks. An amazing variety of styles have been heard. Please return in the autumn.


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