Visual Treats and Sonic Pleasures

SoundSpace’s second event explored sound and image with Ticklish and Finglebone providing audio-visual performances. Ticks were back with a vengeance, topping and tailing the evening with two fantastic sets. The instrumentation has changed: Richard Sanderson plays amplified melodeon, Kev Hopper is on bass and tenor guitar and Phil Durrant switches between computer and modular synths. But the characteristic squelchy soundscapes remain compelling. Rob Flint’s visuals combine abstract digital fragments with a nostalgic, quirky selection of rabbits, donkeys, hotdogs and more. 

Finglebone played acoustic guitar and effects alongside meditative imagery, looping folky arpeggiated refrains to create a chilled out sound perfect for a sunny Saturday evening. 

Alison Blunt and Hannah Marshall’s performance was beautiful. Their violin and cello duo created an intricate, moment by moment improvisation that explored every inch of the wonderful acoustic of Merton Arts Space. 

Ticklish ended the night with their asymmetric loops, channelling 1950s sci-fi. Smashing!


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