Ticklish, Alison Blunt and Hannah Marshall, Finglebone

Adobe Spark-6For our second outing SoundSpace presents an exciting line-up of electronic and acoustic music. Get your tickets here.


Phil Durrant (electronics) Rob Flint (video) Kev Hopper (bass guitar & effects) Richard Sanderson (amplified melodeon).


The veterans of the electronic music and improvisation scene return in a new exciting venue…this time weilding slightly different instruments but retaining the distinctive eccentricities of the Ticklish sound; gurgling body noises, startling contrasts in texture and quirky, live film making.

TIcklish on Facebook

Alison Blunt (violin) & Hannah Marshall (cello)

Hannah and Alison first met at the Yoko Ono and Fluxus exhibition at the Southbank Centre in 1997. Over coffee they started a conversation that has continued to inspire and support their creative lives to the present day, through explorative playing and developing free and structured improvisation and composition together. They quickly cultivated a rich collaboration and created live and recorded music for theatre, contemporary dance, moving image, spoken word and all manner of experimental performance. Over the years their engagements have included performances and recordings with ASITIS Collective, ‘music terrorists’ string trio Barrel with Ivor Kallin, the soundtrack for Skin and Bones contemporary dance directed by Marie Fitzpatrick for NottDance Fest, Eating Sound Chamber Orchestra directed by Sam Bailey, and concerts with artists including Tony Marsh, Neil Metcalfe, Evan Parker, John Edwards, Mark Sanders, London Improvisers Orchestra, Alison Blunt Ensemble, and Pierette Ensemble. Their last duo performance was 3 years ago at the invitation of Evan Parker at the Vortex Jazz Club and they are relishing the opportunity to meet again in duo on stage at SoundSpace.

Finglebone (guitar, electronics, field recordings)



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